10 Health Hazards Of Sitting Up For Too Long


Sitting down is good. You lean back and ‘take the load off your feet’. But did you know that doing it for long periods might be the catalyst that hastens your death?

Our lifestyle is oriented towards decreasing our physical work to save up for our mental work. We spend an average of two thirds a day sitting up and working. And the consequences might be a bit more serious than a stiff back or a muscle ache.

1. Decreased Life Expectancy

Studies have shown that people who constantly sit for a longer duration are likely to die sooner by 18%. For women, sitting up for six hours a day instead of three can decrease their life expectancy by 37%.

2. Higher Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar

Many studies show that people whose job requires them to sit for long hours at a stretch exhibit the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and higher blood pressure. Lack of sufficient body movement affects the digestive and circulatory systems in the body and causes metabolic disorders.

3. Blood Clots

We are no strangers feeling the lack of blood flow in our body when we haven’t worked it in a while. Blood tends to flow in the direction of gravity and doesn’t flow to all body parts unless made to do so. That is why unused muscles tend to feel stiff and sore. They could be the result of severe blood clots.

4. An Unhealthy Heart

Sitting for a long time also adversely affects your heart and it has been proved that it makes us more susceptible to Cardiac arrests and heart failures. The National Institute of Health found that women who sit for 10 hours a day are at greater risk of heart failure than women who don’t sit for so long.

5. Stiffness And Pain

The morning routine of stretching and exercising after waking up is not just about being in shape. After long sleeping hours, our bones and muscles require being activated. Also, while sitting up, the spine, neck, and hips, in particular, take the brunt of the soreness.

6. Reduced Brain Functionality

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body is more than just a saying. Lack of sufficient physical activity can result in reduced brain functionality. It results in a lack of retentive memory and slower processing.

7. Obesity

A dull physical life can result in increased levels of bad cholesterol and fat accumulation. This results in obesity and lethargy.

8. Carcinogenic Effect

Several cancers are a result of a lack of exercise and accumulation of body fat due to bad metabolism. People who spend 10+ hours working on their table become prone to cancers.

9. Varicose Veins

Over the years, an increasing percentage of the population has suffered from a spidery vein disease called Varicose Veins. It results from a lack of proper blood circulation and is usually visible in the calf region.

10. Psychological Effect

Longer hours of sitting and working result in fewer contact hours with friends and loved ones. As a result, people begin to feel anxious, stressed or even depressed.

Even the busiest of people to keep taking short breaks while working. Work your muscles while you work your brain. Walk while you think. Small steps can go a long way.