Cure Yourself With Lemon Water If You Have Any Of These 13 Problems


Many people drink a glass of lemon water before they do anything else every morning and its immense benefits have been proven down the ages. It is a rich source of antioxidants, carbohydrates, potassium, and also vitamin B and vitamin C. It is also used as a weight-reducing method by many who firmly believe in its efficacy.

But few know it helps in boosting your immunity and aids digestion. It also prevents you from overeating as it decreases your hunger cravings. And to top it all, lemon water is also useful for these 13 ailments.

1. Treatment Of Acne

Lemon water helps in fighting acne. It rids your skin of its impurities and acidic effects which lead to acne. Apply it gently on the skin for the best results.

2. Kidney Stone

It controls kidney stones. The potassium present in lemon increases the citrates. This prevents the oxalates from forming within the body.

3. Boosts Your Immunity

Lemon water is also beneficial as it activates and boosts your lymphatic system and in turn, improves your body immunity.

4. It Controls Weight By  Preventing Food Cravings

Lemon water is extremely beneficial in reducing weight. It works in several ways. The pectin present in lemons suppresses our desire to over-indulge in food while the vitamins regulate blood sugar. Lemon water also increases bile production in your stomach and is effective in breaking down food thus improving your digestion.

5. Pain In The Gallbladder

Lemon water helps in lessening pain in the gall bladder.

6. Good For Your Flu And Cold

Lemon water helps to fight cold and flu. Vitamin C present in lemon is very a strong antioxidant. It eliminates bacteria and you can bounce back quicker from a bout of cold.

7. Wish Your Heartburns Away

Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases like acid reflux or heartburn can be extremely bothersome. Lemon water brings immediate relief from it. There is a good chance you might not have to take your antacids if you regularly enjoy sips of lemon water.

8. Takes Care Of Your Nails

White spots indicate unhealthy fingernails and taking lemon water eliminates those spots.

9. Diseases Transmitted By Food

We invariably fall victim to food poisoning when traveling and it ruins our trip. Taking lemon water regularly acts against the effect of stale food or food poisoning.

10. Muscle Pain

Fibromyalgia affects many people and causes sore muscles and tender spots on the body that are extremely painful. Lemon water helps in such a situation and should be accompanied by regular exercises.

11. Inflammation

High body acidity causes inflammation and is a bother. But lemon helps in combating such inflammation. It neutralizes body acidity and gets rid of swelling.

12. Painful Muscles After Exercise

Muscle soreness is common after a vigorous bout of exercise as lactic acid builds up in these muscles. Lemon water taken frequently after workouts should alleviate such pain.

13. Swelling And Bouts Of Pain In The Joints

Pain and swelling in the joints can be effectively dealt with by taking lemon water. This breaks down any uric acid build-up in the joints and prevents inflammation.