Effective And Easy Exercises For Women Over 40


Did you recently hit 40? Or do you know someone close to you who did? One common question is which exercises are fit for women over 40. Since menopause hits us around this time, our body changes too. The energy balance is disturbed and it causes women to get fatigued easily, thus we require easier exercises. Let’s talk about a few such easy-on-your-body but at the same time effective, workouts.

1. Tai-Chi: The Chinese Formula For Health And Focus

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that helps maintain strength, balance, and flexibility. What’s more, is it also has added benefits of meditation. It is a low-impact exercise and is very good for women over 40.

2. Do Some Squats

The best thing about squats is that they can be done by anyone at any time. It doesn’t require any machine and is easy to learn and practice by oneself. Just make sure that your posture is correct while squatting. They help increase the muscle strength and tone leg muscles.

3. Yoga Is The  Key

Known for its relaxing and meditative qualities, yoga is best for all age groups. But it’s especially so for people over 40, because it involves minimal risks. It is good for your heart, bones, and sharpens your brain cells too. It also helps to balance the hormones (best to counter menopause effects!).

4. Lunges For Leg Muscles

Lunges work on your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves. It tones these muscles giving you strengthened and tight legs.

5. Low Impact Cardio Is Best

Elliptical training, walking, and cycling are a few good examples of low-impact cardio exercises. We don’t mean low-intensity, but low-impact, so don’t confuse. They are just as effective as other intense cardio workouts.

6. Plank It!

Want to get back your stamina and strength? Planks can help you get both these back. They are great for making your spine strong and have added benefits of improving many other ailments too. Make sure you maintain good posture, even if you hold the position for a short time.

7. Effortless Leg Lifts

They target the lower abs and also hip muscles. They also help improve back pain to some extent. It’s easy and it’s fun!

8. Strength Training

Don’t equate weight lifting with ‘heavy’ weight lifting. Strength training can be done with simple barbells and dumbells and be just as effective. It increases muscle mass and bone density and helps with weight too.

So what if you hit 40? You still have got a lot of options to keep yourself healthy while also having fun. Pick and choose whatever suits you best and get started!