Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat With These 6 Asanas


There a number of factors that contribute to belly fat, among them poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle or a stressful life. The risk of contracting some dangerous ailment increases with the girth of your pot belly. You cannot get rid of your belly fat in a day, neither is there any magic medicine to get rid of it.

The only way to get rid of belly fat is through a combination of a proper diet and an appropriate fitness routine. And if going to the gym is out of the option, you can always go for yoga. It helps to reduce belly fat and also allows the mind and body to regenerate and refresh. Here is a few asanas or yoga sequences, that will help make a difference to your belly fat.


It is primarily a warm-up posture. The mountain pose (as it’s alternatively called) helps to improve your blood circulation even while it prepares the body for the subsequent asanas that follow.

Stand flat on your feet with the heels spread out a little. Stretch out your hand forward and bring the palms close to one another. Take a deep breath and stretch the spine. Raise your hands over your head to the extent possible.

Lift both ankles as you stretch on both toes. Look up as you breathe steadily. Hold on to this posture for half a minute and inhale. Slowly relax as you go back to normal. Repeat 10 times. People with blood pressure, headache and insomnia should not try this posture.


This posture stimulates the mid-solar plexus, tones the tummy and stretches the thighs, hips, and hamstring. This asana helps those with digestive disorders.

Sit with legs outstretched. Keeping the spine erect, draw out your hands straight above the head, all the while, inhaling. Bend forward and touch the toes. Try pulling the toes towards you until you feel a tug on your hamstring. Keep the posture for 60 to 90 seconds. Start by doing it 10 times and gradually increase to 25. Avoid this posture if you suffer from slipped disc, asthma, diarrhea or if you had abdominal surgery.


This posture helps in relieving wind and alleviates constipation and indigestion among various gastric ailments.

Here the knee exerts pressure on the tummy. So, this pose also burns fat in this region.

Lie down facing upwards, arms on each side. The feet should be stretched out with the heels touching one another.

Take a breath to fold your knees and even while you exhale, fold the knees towards the chest. Wrap both arms around them.

Inhale and exhale. As you exhale, allow your chin to try to touch the knees. Hold the position for a minute to a minute and a half even as you continuously breathe. Repeat this asana 7 to 10 times at intervals of 15 seconds.

This asana is not to be attempted by those with spinal problems, heart issues, and blood pressure. Pregnant women should avoid it.


This is the cobra posture and is ideal for strengthening the abdomen and back muscles. It helps alleviate postpartum backache.

Lie down as your chest faces downwards. Keep legs a little apart, with the toes in touch with the ground. The hands should be on both sides, palms touching the floor. Bring palms beneath the shoulders; raise your chest as you inhale deeply. Stare upwards. Tuck the pubis towards the navel. Keep the buttocks firm. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, breathing normally all the while. Repeat after 15 seconds.

Stretch only if you feel at ease. Stop immediately if you experience any pain. Pregnant women and people with back injuries should not perform this exercise.


This pose calms the body. Sit on the knees keeping the heels a bit apart. The buttocks should be close to the floor. Keep your back erect and place the hands on the knees.

Stretch your arms upwards while inhaling. Slowly bow forward while exhaling, touching the forehead and palms on to the floor. Maintain the posture while breathing normally. Inhale and slowly come back to the original position. If you are pregnant, do not try this posture.


Now it is time to relax the body after a thorough session. Lie as you face upwards, your feet close or stretched. Close the eyes while placing your hands on both sides. Breathe in and out, as the body relaxes completely.

A combination of these 6 asanas done regularly will help a lot to reduce belly fat. Consult a doctor if you have any of the health issues mentioned above.