Night-Time Food Rituals That Can Help Lower Your Weight


Losing weight can be a hassle. Many people have gone through several courses of different diets, medicines, exercise and maintaining a general healthy lifestyle. However, when you restrict a lot of calories, you can end up gaining weight too. You have to get into that specific balance. Generally, while cutting down on products can have a great effect on your health, there are a couple of things that you need to do at night to get best results in your cutting down of weight expedition. Here are a few of those night-time rituals:

1. Peppermint Tea

Before bedtime, make peppermint tea and drink it warm so that it cuts down some kilos. Steep the leaves in warm water and then, strain it. This warm concoction will make you feel refreshed while lowering your weight.

2. No alcohol

REM sleep is important as it helps in the burning of calories. It is during REM sleep that most calories are lost. Drinking alcohol as you go to bed will make the body continue to metabolize the product while you sleep, preventing you from getting to the REM sleep state.

3. Small dinner

When you eat a large dinner, your body takes time to digest it and it does so during the sleep process. Hence, when you are having dinner, try to keep it light. Go for soups or salads. Not only will it help you lose a lot of weight but it will also help you sleep well.

4. Maintaining time

Time is essential even if you are maintaining a proper diet. If you have a late dinner, your growth hormone production will be affected and the food will get stored, not as fuel, but fat. Metabolism, during the night stage, is weak and it will take time to metabolize the food. The result- bad sleep and fat accumulation.

5. Snacks with low calories

There are times when you get up hungry in the middle of sleep. It is possible that night hunger can happen especially since you are having a light dinner. In such cases, it is essential that you do not go out of your way to reach out for a burger or a sandwich. During such a time, it is essential to keep it low calorie and the best way to do it is by going for baked potato, grilled veggies or cucumber.

So, get yourself used to night-time rituals as it will help to get you an overall weight reduction.