Oatmeal Breakfast Can Bring A Lot Of Benefits To Your Body


All of us know that breakfasts are essential for all of us. It is the first meal of the day and so, you have to get your energies up and running. It will also decide on the metabolism of your day too. Well, many people are curious about what they could claim to be the perfect breakfast for them.

Well, it turns out that as per research, the perfect breakfast is oat meal. The study was conducted in groups where one group was given oatmeal, another corn flakes and the third just water. The breakfasts contained around 350k Cal. Identical lunches were given to the participants. Then, they were told to write down the range of satiety that they had after 3 hours. Glucose blood tests were conducted too.

It turns out that the people who ate oatmeal consumed 30% less energy when they were having lunch. They did not have any cravings. The group who ate cornflakes were hungry within 2-3 hours and ate around 50% less energy for lunch. The third group who just had water reported the same.

It is clear from the study that oatmeal takes a lot of time to decompose and hence, stays in the body for a longer period of time. It also helps in managing glucose levels due to this factor. You can also combine it with meals and other kinds of desserts.

Some of the advantages of oat meals are:

Lower cravings

Oat meals have a lot of fibers which means that your metabolism will be better when you have oatmeal. While digestion is sped up, oat meals stay in your system for a longer period of time and so, you do not have cravings. The result – you don’t need to have unhealthy snacks to fill your stomach between meals.

Blood stress regulation

Due to the vitamins and the fiber present in oatmeal, your stress levels dip down. You do not engage in hypertension during this process or rather, you can keep it low.

Cholesterol regulation

Fibers are a great way of handling cholesterol levels and so, they can defend you against any cardiovascular issues.

Cancer prevention

There has been much research done in this field and it has shown that oat meals have the ability to lower breast, ovarian or most colon cancers.

It is clear that oatmeal is a great breakfast choice and has loads of positive results for the body. Since breakfast is the first food that any person takes when they are going to start a day, why not have it as healthy as possible!