The Benefits Of a Good Sleeping Position


While sleep comes to us all, it’s not easy to sleep well. We may be stressed about something- we could be badly distracted. A person’s sleep depends often on how they have prepared to sleep, and how exhausted they have been throughout the day. And the most vital of the preparation is the position. If one fell asleep in a haphazard position, chances are they will wake up with an ache in some part of the body.

Importance of Sleeping Well

It is extremely important to have a restful sleep of 6-8 hours every single day. This is going to ensure that you are ready for the next day and would be ready to start learning and recollecting. Sleep is also going to help your blood vessels and heart get repaired, which in turn will protect you from increased levels of blood pressure.

Restful sleep helps build a healthier immune system amongst other things. Someone who has a normal sleep cycle is always more attentive and can make better decisions. It is no wonder that these people are also extremely creative.

Here are the different ways of sleeping, with their pros and cons:

1. On Your Stomach

Although it feels good to fall down on your bed with your face buried in the pillow, the cons far outweigh the pros.

ProsThis sleeping pattern reduces snoring.

ConsIt makes waking up all the more difficult for it leads to your neck getting strained while pulling your belly down. It also leads to a deformity in the spine and backache.

2. On Your Side

Many people prefer sleeping on their sides. But sleeping on the left side leads to better results than sleeping on the right.

On the left

ProsThis helps prevent acid reflux. But, it might put a bit too much pressure on the stomach. This side should be favored during pregnancy.

ConsDeep breathing might get restricted if one curls up too much.

On the Right

ProsThis lets your spine relax in the natural curve.

ConsSleeping on the right side puts your entire cardio-vascular side at risk, as it is present in your body’s right side. It also blocks blood circulation.

3. With Legs Upward

Your legs might move up and down whilst you are sleeping. It is not uncommon to wake up and find your legs extremely close to the chest.

ProsHelps people with backache, as it reduces the pressure of the pelvic region.

Cons- If one leg is up, it creates an imbalance in the body. It might also damage the pelvis.

4. On Your Back

It is literally the best position to sleep in, for the face is straight, and the head is comfortable atop a pillow. Your pillow helps in putting the stomach just below the esophagus, which makes digestion easier.

ProsThis helps in the equal distribution of body weight on the spine and prevents wrinkles from spreading across your face. It also prevents acid-reflux and can be relatively without any external pain.

ConsThis isn’t a sleeping position that is beneficial for people who might snore as the throat is pulled down due to gravity.

It is extremely important to sleep in a position that is going to guarantee you the best sleep that you have ever had. At the end of the day, it is all about how much comfort you can extract from it.