This One Drink Can Cleanse The Lungs Of Every Smoker


If you thinking smoking is cool, think again. It is not at all a good practice and will definitely end your life faster than you think. It destroys your lungs and throat and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in humans. But, what is even more dangerous is that it makes you addicted to it. The nicotine present in cigarettes or tobacco is an alkaloid. This substance makes your brain relax.

You think as if everything around you has slowed down enough for you to truly understand it. It hasn’t. Precisely why tobacco companies are forced to label their tobacco packets with ‘Smoking Causes Cancer’. They don’t think it to be a joke- why as a consumer, would you?

Although the harm caused by tobacco is extreme, they are not totally irreversible. But you need to spend big bucks in order to get diagnosed and healed of it. So why not decide to stop smoking? We know it sounds easier than it really is, but what if someone showed you an ECG report of your soot-filled lungs- will you stop then?

In the meantime, try drinking this potion, which is going to provide you with some relief after you have burned down your lungs in an admirable attempt to look like a human chimney.


Turmeric is one of the basic ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine. It contains curcumin which is a cleansing agent. Turmeric is frequently used as a preservative and as a condiment in traditional Indian delicacies. It’s antibacterial properties help us deal with multiple problems too.

Ginger helps in clearing out the mucus from our lungs, whilst also unclogging blocked pulmonary pathways. These are also useful in teas, lozenges, and have forever been a central part of Indian and Chinese cooking.

Onions are one of nature’s best medicines, for it provides you with anti-carcinogens and anti-oxidants- something your body needs in copious amounts.

And, just decide to stop smoking. Just decide and don’t look back.

How To Make It

First, you have to take maple syrup and set it to boil with water. Then add freshly chopped onions (a pound) and ginger (one thumb). As the water bubbles, wait for it to settle down. Now you add one tablespoonful of turmeric in it. Put the flame on medium and cover it.

After it is all done, take it out and strain the mixture in a container or jar. Then store it.

The liquid might actually be sugary sweet but will definitely help the scarred tissues in your lungs. In any case, it can’t do you any more harm than you have already done. The ideal dosage would be 2 tbsps before going to sleep and two after waking up. But remember, this doesn’t mean you throw caution to the wind and still go on smoking. Not even this ‘magical’ potion will work then.

Be safe, be aware. This is the key to survival.