What The Color Of Your Earwax Tells About You?


Earwax – the thing that makes your ears itchy and sometimes even achy. What is earwax? The ear is a very sensitive organ and it leads right into the brain. It is important to keep it clean and the body knows that you cannot keep it clean all the time. Your ears, after all, is wide open when you are sleeping. That’s why earwax is produced by your body to prevent dirt and germs from entering. The ear canal must be clean and healthy. The earwax is actually a product of squalene, fatty acids and alcohol.

However, did you know that earwax color can be indicative of underlying medical conditions. Here is what the earwax color can indicate:

Yellow and sticky

This is common and most adults have it. The stickiness keeps the ear from drying out though it does cause a bit of itchiness too.

Light yellow

It is a normal color for children. Children can produce a lot of this as they grow up.


Gray earwax may sound like something you should be concerned about but it’s not even close. Gray earwax is normal and it shows that the ear is cleaning itself properly. However, if the earwax is brittle and dry, and the insides of your ears are itchy, you can have a case of eczema. In that case, you need to consult a physician.

Dark and gooey

When your earwax has a dark tone, then it might mean that you are sweating a lot. Because of your sweating, you might have a body odor. Otherwise, everything is normal.

Bloody wax

If the earwax has dried blood on it, then it is a medical emergency. You may have perforated the eardrum.

Wet and runny

It is quite natural from the earwax to be wet and run out of your ears. However, if it happens excessively and it has blood in it, then it might be because of a perforated eardrum.

Black or dark brown

If you are stressed out, then there is a chance that the earwax will turn out to be dark. Plus, if the earwax stays in your ears for a long period of time, then it can react with oxygen and cause the darker tone.

White and flaky

If people produce less sweat, their earwax can present with these symptoms. It is completely all right.

Dark and thick

Earwax production can get high If you are anxious or in stress. Perspiring too much can also cause this problem. It can also cause ear canal blockage. Clean your ears so that no complications arise. Also, try to keep your stress levels to a minimal.

So, now that you know all the earwax related problems – maybe it’s time for you to take better care of your ears!